Equipment Listing

One used GE LM2500PE, installed cogen, 50/60Hz, dual fuel, available due to expiration of power purchase agreement, call for pricing.

One fully overhauled Alstom 6541B (Frame 6B) 50Hz, dual fueled, new controls, warranty, 38mW.

Three new GE LM6000 PD Sprint, gas fired machines, 47.4mW at 60Hz, 70mVA, Dry Low NOx combustion system, fin fan coolers, no water required for cooling.

One new in storage GE D-11 240 mW steam turbine generator, one new in storage GE A-10 115mW STG, one GE D-11 300mW STG in storage, call for pricing.

Three used GE LM6000 PC Sprints, 50Hz, dual fuel, less that 8,000 hours per machine, fully installed ready for dismantling.

Several brand new P&W FT8 MobilePac, dual frequency, dual fuel, trailer mounted gas turbine generator sets with OEM warranty available from canceled projects.  These trailer mounted gas turbines are available beginning in mid 2012, call for pricing.
Two (2) used GE PG7121EA (Frame 7EA), 89,000 hours, dual fueled, still fully installed for $7.9 Million each.
Three (3) used LM6000 PD combustion turbines, 60Hz, overhauled, gas fired, with warranty.  One machine has been converted to a PC Sprint and is ready to ship.

One brand new GE LMS100 gas turbines 50 or 60Hz, 100mW, 7400Btu/kWh heat rate, available at a discount of a new machine.
One 6551B (Frame 6B), combined cycle plant, 50Hz, with around 9,000 total lifetime hours.

One (1) 48mW, 50/60Hz Siemens used surplus Power Barge.

One (1) used surplus GE LM6000 PA 40 mW, 60 Hz, dual fuel, was installed cogen, now in storage, in very good condition.

One Siemens V94.2 gas turbine, 120mW, 60Hz, can be  converted to 50Hz.

Eight (8) used Alstom and Hitachi Frame 6B (models 6541B and 6531B), 36-38 mW, 60 Hz, liquid fuel, 9,000 to 25,000 hours, still installed.

Two (2) used Alstom Frame 5 Model P (model MS5431), 60 Hz, dual fuel, still installed. 

Two Solar Mars 100, 10mW at 60Hz, gas fired, very low hours. 

One (1) new GE D-11 244mW steam turbine generator, 60Hz, in storage.

Two (2) Alstom packaged surplus frame 6B gas turbines, model 6541B, 50Hz, 5,000 total hours, liquid fired, in "mint" condition.


One new, unused, never installed Alstom 326mW reheat condensing stem turbine generator 60Hz, triple pressure.

Two used GE LM5000, 35mW each at 60Hz, gas fired, presently installed.

Two Pielstick 18 PC3V LFO and HFO, 50Hz, 12.5 mW each, including BOP.

One (1) used Rolls Royce FT8 Twin Pac, gas fired, 50/60Hz.

This is a sample of actual new surplus gas turbines and used gas turbines that is available.  For other available surplus combustion turbines please contact us.  If the equipment listed above does not meet your needs, we can find the exact equipment you are looking for, generally within a few days.  All equipment is offered subject to prior sale.

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