Equipment Listing
Three GE LM6000 PD Sprint, gas fired machines, 47.4mW at 60Hz, 70mVA, Dry Low NOx combustion system, fin fan coolers, delivered new to storage from a canceled project.

GE D-11 Steam Turbine Generator at 240 mW, 60Hz steam turbine generator, unused in storage since delivery.

Two used GE LM6000PC Sprints, 60Hz, gas fired,47mW each, with dual fuel nozzles, around 15,000 hours, 2002 vintage, still fully installed.
Two used GE PG7121EA (Frame 7EA), 82mW, Dry Low NOx combustion system, dual fueled, still fully installed.

Three used LM6000 PD IHI packaged, combustion turbines, 60Hz, overhauled, gas fired, fully overhauled with warranty.  One machine has been converted to a PC Sprint and is ready to ship. TEWAC generators, 13.8kV, 25,000 lifetime hours, MarkV controls.  Machines could also be converted to 50Hz by the overhaul company.

One GE LM6000 PA 50Hz, 11,000 hours, dual fueled, installed 1996.

Five GE 7241.03FA new, unused
, in storage, gas fired, DLN combustion system, 174mW, 2001-2002 vintage, all maintained every well, three different owners, one or more motivated to sell, scope of supply on each machine available.

Two brand new GE LMS100 gas turbines 50 or 60Hz, 103mW, 7400Btu/kWh heat rate, NOx at 25ppm, 46% efficiency, available at a discount to that of a new machine.

One MHI701D 144mW, 50Hz, 7,000 hours, less than 500 hours since last inspection, dual fuel.

One 6551B (Frame 6B), combined cycle plant, 50Hz, with around 9,000 total lifetime hours.

One used surplus GE LM6000 PA 40 mW, 60 Hz, 13.8kV, 3600 rpm,dual fuel, was installed cogen, now in storage, fully overhauled, 48,000 lifetime hours, water injected, in very good condition.

One Alstom PG6541B 38mW, 50Hz, gas fired, 1993 vintage, steam injected, receintly overhauled.

Two used GE LM5000, 35mW each at 60Hz, gas fired, presently installed.

One used Rolls Royce FT8 Twin Pac, dual fuel, 50/60Hz, 11.5kV, 9269 Btu/kWh heat rate.

One Solar Mars 100, unused, in storage since delivery, never installed, 10,685kW, 10,513 Btu/kWh heat rate.

Three Solar Mars 100, 50Hz, 20,690kW, 10,515 Btu/kWh heat rate, new in storage.

Three P&W FT4 Twin Pac, 60/50Hz, 52mW each, water injected, liquid fuel, overhauled, with limited warranty.

This is a sample of actual new surplus gas turbines and used gas turbines that is available.  For other available surplus combustion turbines please contact us.  All equipment is offered subject to prior sale.

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